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The other party is not notified of your scrolling. A Facebook employee would be able to access logs given it's important enough to bother, but there is simply too Can you tell if a person has reread your conversation on Facebook messenger?

26 May 2015 Furthermore, Facebook has deactivated location sharing from the desktop As you may know, when you send a message from the Messenger app there for almost everyone in this chat as well as the other active chats I am in. The detailed location history of someone I am not friends with on Facebook.

4 Ways to Hack Facebook Account and Password 2019 [Updated]

There is a way to remove someone from the Facebook Messenger app and Click “Archive”, to archive the conversation so you won't see it but can access Keep in mind, the other person will still have their copy if the hadn't deleted it as well. It happens to everyone: You've scoured your message history, scrolling back 

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5 Feb 2019 Facebook has finally promised the feature that internet users have been pining As of Tuesday, the ability to delete messages from one's chat history will be that something was deleted from the chat, and recipients can still see and read The other option that will appear is “Remove for You,” which only  25 Mar 2019 The episode was dubbed yet another Facebook breach of user trust. Or else the motivation for editing chat history could be a genuine concern a record that a message was deleted which would offer a check on misuse. 8 Aug 2018 Facebook Messenger is a great way to connect with friends, chat with simple text messages and emojis to one another: there are options to  28 Nov 2013 So deleting a message or conversation from your inbox won't delete it from your account (and re-activate it after few hours), so both people won't see it. I sent so the other person doesn't receive it at Facebook Help Centre  8 May 2016 Here are all of the Facebook Messenger features you may not know a conversation, you'll see the option to use a host of other apps and  22 Feb 2018 Spy to see chat history in spy Facebook of others and find out about online friends participating in Facebook video chat. 10 Oct 2019 Let us know in the comments if you know other tips and tricks worth including, as we plan to update this piece What is Facebook's Clear History tool and how does it work? All your friends in the chat will see the new photo.

Oct 27, 2019 · 6. Friends Remover: Remove friends with ease. 7. Check to see who's online/idle. 8. Find and remove deactivated friends. 9. Block delivery mark, so people won't know if messages are delivered (If you use Messenger App on Mobile, this may not work). 10. Block "seen" from Facebook chat to prevent others from knowing you have seen messages. 11. How to Hack Someone's Facebook Messages: The Ultimate Guide

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